Kate's Journal


After waiting twenty years to fall in love, Kate certainly never expected lightning to strike twice. When a distant cousin, John Alderman, comes to visit over Christmas break, he ends up igniting an unlikely passion that quickly consumes her life. When their secret is exposed, the aftermath destroys life-long friendships, including Kate's relationship with her mother. But there is another secret, one with the potential to shatter what little remains of her life. Faced with an impossible choice, Kate struggles to find a way to keep hold of the man she's sacrificed everything for and the best friend she can't imagine living without.


"This was a hot and sexy read that surprised me. I wasn’t surprised by the first romance… but I was by the second!"
   from Stacy Decker on Smashwords

"Cotton Nightie writes with an effortless breeze that seems natural and real."
   from Karen Matthews on Goodreads

"The way Cotton Nightie tells the story is just what us gals want to curl up with for our bedtime read."
   from Sandra Scholes on Love Romance Passion

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