My Work-In-Progress

This is a scary experiment for me. I've decided to expose my daily writing progress in its raw form. I would love to see how other authors write, revise, and edit... so I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

My current project is tentatively called Night Flight. The story is set in 1982 and features lots of my memories of the music scene in Houston, TX. The protagonist, Robert Jakes, is the guitarist for a local rock band called *Night Flight*. He works in the mall and dates a number of interesting women as he tries to make it as a musician. I'm still trying to decide where to take things, but it will be his story of balancing the desire for success and love.

Each day, around noon Greenwich Mean Time, my current revision will be automatically updated. I try to write each day, but sometimes I get consumed by other parts of my life, so no promises. I do promise that my prose will be misspelled, with bruised grammar and poorly structured sentences that go nowhere, at least until I have a chance to edit and polish it.

My hope is that other writers and readers will interact with me while I'm working. In my first book, The Other Half I wrote in a similarly open way using Reddit and Literotica forums. This time I want to try it on my own site.

Current Status: It's May 2014 and I'm almost done!

Night Flight